About Us

The Child's Element  provides daily trips in the beautiful foothills of the Wasatch mountains,

located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

(We are planning to expand! Please reach out if you'd like a Forest School started in your area!)

Mindful Forest School will guide your child in developing mindfulness, and emotional intelligence while exploring their own brilliant mind. From creative expression and meditation, to building, hiking mountains, and playing in the dirt, this program is where your child’s imagination will come alive, while continuing to gain the skills essential for life.

The Child's Element allows every child to make mistakes, to learn the process of repair, and to try again. This skill set of processing will then be extended to every aspect of a child's life (i.e. family balance, peer relationships, problem solving, academic confidence, and through their own development of self).

Without the use of most modern technology and toys, your child will have the chance to get creative, and to brainstorm with a team of peers to explore their ideas and creativity, with teacher support. Through this supported structured and unstructured time, your child will build confidence and independence.

Experiencing our Earth's elements hands on, your child will learn with the seasons. We share in the joy that can be found every moment of every year.


Our Mission


Mindful Forest School provides an environment where children can explore the brilliance of their own mind, by stepping away from electronics and modern toys. They are able to experience the natural state of being a child, through creativity, movement, meditation, and engaging with the natural world. A strong connection is made with the Earth, and this connection supports a child’s deeper sense of self, promotes mindfulness, emotional awareness and regulation, and creates a balance within your child’s life.

Sara Wild, Creator & Director
Sara Wild (Lauran) grew up in the Pacific Northwest where she was homeschooled. Her love for the outdoors was established as a child as she explored the vast greenbelt behind her home with her brothers. Her natural gift with children was seen at an early age and dozens of families hired her on to care for their children during her teenage years, and into adulthood. 
Her degree in Psychology, with an emphasis on Child Development, from the University of Utah fueled her passion for guiding the young developing minds of this world. Sara's time spent leading groups in a Therapeutic Preschool adds a unique teaching perspective to our programs.
Sara strives to provide children with the most needed developmental support in their earliest years. She is dedicated to the work of connecting children with nature and self.
Meet Mackenzy,  Lead Teacher

Mackenzy Johnson grew up at the mouth of American Fork Canyon and has spent her life exploring the Wasatch Mountain Range. It was there she gained her passion for nature, wildlife, a sense of independence, and play. 


Mackenzy spent her 20's dedicated to a career in conservation and has been determined to find a way to incorporate those skills in a beneficial way for kids. She is gifted in Psychology, Mental and Emotional Health has been certified in Emotional Process Therapy practice since 2015.

Mackenzy has been teaching alongside Sara Lauran since early 2020, and dedicated to grow with the program long-term. 

Meet Brittany, Lead Teacher

Brittany Walker was raised in Virginia, spending her early years adventuring in Appalachia; mountain biking, camping, and hiking.

Brittany earned a Bachelors of Science in Human Development from Virginia Tech, and taught at a Montessori school after graduation. In 2016 Brittany moved westward, joining the Utah Conservation Corps.

Brittany went into Natural Disaster Response and Wildland Firefighting, and she spent three years fighting fires.

Brittany believes the outdoors are essential for children; unfolding their individuality, creativity, and exploring freedom. She knows that the more children learn about nature, the more compassion they have for our planet, others, and themselves.

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